How to Lucid Dream Tonight

Learn how to lucid dream tonight! This technique is almost guaranteed to give you results if you follow the steps exactly.

1. Spend the rest of your day reading about lucid dreaming so your brain is focused on your goal.

2. Do lots of ?reality checks? during the day. Try pushing your finger through the palm of your hand. In a dream, your finger will go right through your hand. You?ll then realize your dreaming and become lucid.

3. Turn off ALL screens an hour before bed.

4. At bedtime, set an alarm to gently wake you up in 5 hours.

5. When your alarm goes off, don?t open your eyes or move much. Stay awake in your mind as your body drifts back to sleep. You will experience ?sleep paralysis? – this can be scary, but it?s harmless. Think about lucid dreaming and focus on the dream
you want to have.