How to Easily Grow & Optimize Your 401k

Are you putting money into your 401k, but you’re not sure if you are investing right, or if you could be doing better?

If you’re like me, then you know that investing in your retirement is important.. but it’s hard to know if you’re really doing things right.

Sure, you could get advice from a “financial advisor”, but to be honest I never really felt confident that a financial advisor truly has my best interests at heart.

That’s why I love this new tool I found called Blooom – it’s a 401k optimization tool that automatically optimizes and manages your 401k for you.

I like that Blooom is basically an investing robot, because robots don’t have feelings or hidden motives.

Plus, it’s only $10 a month, and there is no minimum investment to join.

Last I checked, you can’t hire a financial advisor for $10/mo (and if you could, you probably shouldn’t hire them).

You just connect Blooom to your 401k, and in minutes Blooom will tell you:

  • How much you’re losing to hidden investment management fees.
  • If your investments are too aggressive or conservative.
  • How much you could be missing out on by DIY-ing your 401k.

You also get unlimited access to a financial advisor if you have any questions, which is really cool.

If you want to see what Blooom can tell you in just a few minutes, just go to